Landscape Features

Landscape Outside the Boundaries

11, 2015 by creative One

In our case- outside the boundaries of Muskoka, where we also expanded our design to include materials and plants not generally included in our Muskoka projects. Late last year Rockscape took on this project with a special purpose Dog Tales, a horse and rescue shelter- “an animal sanctuary like no other! The farm is located on … Continue reading “Landscape Outside the Boundaries”

Modern Meets Muskoka

21, 2017 by Stephen Holmes

Imagine the interior of your cottage having smooth and sleek, simple and structured lines coupled with a modern oasis of furniture and abstract or precise art work.  A style like this can really say something about who you are.  Now imagine stepping outside into a fantasy space of historic flavour and freestyle form of traditional landscape.  Can you see the granite … Continue reading “Modern Meets Muskoka”

Home – Beyond the Walls

12, 2017 by Stephen Holmes

Where Family Gathers.  No barriers, no restrictions.   A fire pit is a great way to spend quality family time, away from all electronics.  Roasted marshmallows, smores and hotdogs on a stick.  What more could a family ask for? Flagstone paths often lead to new beginnings.  Conversations seem effortless and carefree when strolling among … Continue reading “Home – Beyond the Walls”

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